Andrea Apostoli
Musician, Author, Trainer, Audience Developer and Concert Designer

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Happily travelling around the world as an Audience Developer, Educational Concert Designer and Educational Professor.
As a Freelancer, I work with orchestras, concert-halls and theaters.
MUSA! is a project that creates many different kinds of new educational concert formats: for families, for pregnant women and their partners, for kids age 0 to 3, kids age 3 to 6, age 6 to 10 and teenagers.
MUSA! is also Ad.agio intercultural concerts; a project created to become a dialogue between different cultures.  And much more.

Music for me is communication and contact with people.
Performance? Perhaps, such as during my university studies when I participated in music contests (which I sometimes won), but soon it became a language to meet people and bring them together.
They say I am a dreamer always in motion like a child.
That’s the best compliment in the world for me.
I think Federico Fellini was right when he said: “The only true realist is the Visionary.”
Curiosity guided me. Always.
1998 I met Professor Edwin E. Gordon in South Carolina, who changed my life.
2000 I founded AIGAM (the Gordon association of music development), since then I have done courses, workshops, books, conferences in many locations.
2004 Together with the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia I began to create new ways of giving music concerts that captivate and where even toddlers, children and adults are able to listen to concert music.
2013 I became Educational Concert Designer of the Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz.
2015 MUSA! was born.
I collaborate with the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia (Rome Italy), Berliner Philharmoniker (Germany), Wiener Symphoniker (Austria), I Music (Italy), Shanghai Children Arts Theater (China), Festpsielhaus Baden Baden (Germany), Ensemble Variances (France) and many more… (see my CV)